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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Maintenance For Hot Water Heaters
Hot water heaters have a life expectancy of five to ten years. The most important thing you can do to maintain your hot water heater is to drain the unit regularly. Each month you should drain a couple of gallons of water from the bottom and annually you should drain the entire water heater. This can be done by attaching a garden hose to the drain line found near the bottom of the tank. Sediments gather at the bottom and if allowed to build-up, can greatly shorten the life expectancy. This is very important if you have a home warranty in place, since they may not cover the cost of replacing a water heater which was damaged due to these sediments.

As the water heater heats up, the pressure in-side the tank increases. Therefore, if the safety features do not work properly the water heater can actually explode. The tank may use either electricity or natural gas to generate it’s heat, both of which can be very dangerous if not installed properly. As the gas burns, it creates combustion gasses which need to be vented from the home. A unit that does not vent properly can put carbon monoxide and other combustion gasses into the house.

These items combined make the water heater the most dangerous appliance in your home. It is common to find multiple items installed incorrectly while I’m conducting a home inspection. Because of the dangers of an improperly installed water heater, current code requires a permit be obtained when installing a new one. This is very important since most people would have no idea what is required with the installation. It is extremely important to only use a licensed plumbing contractor and to have the work permitted prior to installation. Although both greatly increase the replacement cost, it is well worth the added safety to protect your home and your family.

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