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BCPD Informer
by John Chase
Boulder City Police Department

Boulder City Policing
Boulder City Policing is a unique quality of policing unmatched by other communities, certainly in Southern Nevada. I would argue throughout this great nation. How is it that I write this with such confidence? Well, quite simply, I see each and every day the work being performed by our outstanding staff.

I see and hear our dispatch and office staff deal calmly with excited people, often angry as they are victims of crime or perhaps worried because a loved one is ill. I see and hear our animal control officers working with angry residents about barking dogs or dogs leaving evidence of their presence on other’s lawns or how they console pet owners who realize their animal is much too aggressive to live in town.

I see and hear our patrol staff who console a loved one after their partner has committed suicide or simply passed away or get yelled at by a parent whose child was found to be intoxicated and the police chose to hold them accountable – after all, these are the same officers that respond to every death in town – young and old. I see and hear our detectives interact with victims of crimes, write exhaustive reports and sort through innumerous pieces of evidence. They also deal daily with many victims, all of which believe their case is the most important case we have ever had, and it is – to them.

I see and hear our reserve officers, who volunteer their time to the residents of this fine city by doing prisoner transports at all hours of the day and night, by working with the detectives at crime scenes assisting patrol in achieving their daily tasks.

Why do we subject ourselves and our families to this? The answer is simple; we enjoy Boulder City Policing as much as you do.

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