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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Envy is not necessarily bad
Glancing at my Webster's, item 1, provided this definition: "a feeling of discontent and ill will because of another's advantages, possessions...."

I envy Art In The Park, our cover story for this issue, but I certainly have no feelings of discontent -- quite the contrary. I envy Art in the Park, because I would like to have more of our town's events as well attended. I would like to see the Art Guild's show become as successful, likewise the Chamber of Commerce Spring Jamboree, our Christmas Parade, and many other events occurring throughout the year.

When our parks, stages, and other venues are active, so are our restaurants, stores, services, and golf courses - that's what helps B C.

We are trying a different approach this year highlighting Art In The Park. Normally we highlight the gala event in the park with the focus on the park, the people in the event, and the art displays. This year, we talked with the people behind the event and discussed the results the big show produces.

Health & Fitness
It is my turn at Health & Fitness, this month. As I was writing this column I was watching the Olympic Marathon. The U.S. ended up in 2nd place, which is good. We haven't had a winner since Frank Shorter, around the time I started running and perennial Boston Marathon winner Bill Rodgers was overshadowed by Rosie a false winner on the women's side. Running that marathon was a life experience for me-that was in 1980 - rather like seeing Sedan blow in 1962.

North Thru Nevada
After exiting the Extraterrestrial Highway coming from Rachel, we hung a left and traveled south on Highway 95 toward Tonopah for an overnight encampment. I haven't been to Tonopah for many years; it has changed. Not wanting to judge too quickly, I will return sometime in the future for the sole purpose of spending some inquisitive hours finding out what has happened in and to the historic mining town.

I did however, talk with a Tonopah business owner who has invited Brad and me back for a better look. She's the town historian. Turns out I knew her deceased husband when we were kids. Small world isn't it?

Scotty's Castle was as I remembered visiting with family. The drive into Death Valley was interesting. It was the first time I had entered Death Valley from Scotty's Junction- Hwy. 95 and Hwy. 267.

(Death Valley: the only place in the U.S. you can be 200 feet below sea level and not get water up your nose.)

It was new territory for me - coming from the north. I was surprised when we reach the castle without the expanse of desert and white sand I would have normally crossed coming from the south.

Spotlight on Business
We're featuring another old timer in our Spotlight on Business segment. Well, not that old, but 20 years running a successful business in Boulder City certainly makes one old in that catagory. Old and good.

John Sterling will tell you all about it, beginning on page 8. It will become obvious as you listen to him, what has kept the business around for more than two decades. Check in out.

Performing Arts
One of our most popular annual events which will be presented early this month features Chautauquan scholar, Clay Jenkinson portraying Theodore Roosevelt is the Boulder City Chautauqua. Not a stranger to a park or Theater, Jenkinson - well you can read all about it here and watch it on Sept. 10 & 11 in the Boulder Theater on Arizona St. in B.C.

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