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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

Ink Jet Printers
If you own an ink jet printer or are about to buy one, here are a few tips that can help you out. If you are buying an ink jet printer, don’t just buy the cheapest printer, because in the long run it may cost you more in time and supplies. Always look at the cost of replacing the ink and other supplies first. Some HP printers may cost you as much as $40 per replacement color cartridge and if your printer has 8 color cartridges, that’s over $320 each time you have a cartridge change! I have an Epson Color 880 with 2 cartridges, black and color, and it costs me $6 for a black replacement cartridge and $9 for a color replacement cartridge. My Epson also uses generic photo paper, which I purchase at Costco for $19.99 per 100 sheets.
A web site that offers a great selection of replacement printer cartridges that I have been using for years now is Use it to check current replacement cartridge and other supply prices before you buy your next printer. I don’t recommend refilling old printer cartridges because they are a terrible mess and can end up costing more than new ones. In most cases, for $10 - $12 you can purchase new ones.

The most common printing problem occurs when one of your color cartridges runs out of ink and your pictures look “off color” or have lines or other stray marks across them. You can easily change the color cartridge that has run out, and most printers tell you what color that is. Many types of printers will blink when a printer cartridge gets low, but be sure to wait for a while longer, since you can usually get 10-30 more prints before actually having to change the cartridge. After each cartridge change, be sure to clean your print heads. This will help to remove any remaining lines or other stray marks you see going across your pictures.

Happy printing!

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