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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

The Thunderbird story is Appleby's idea, and it's a good idea. The Thunderbird's history dates back to May 25, 1953 before Brad was born.

Having affected many people in many ways, Brad's involvement as part of the Thunderbird team was a real bonus in his life. It's one of the events one puts on their list of significant life experiences. For example: I was the President of the first "Official Little League" chartered in Clark County. "How do you like them apples"? as Matt Damon would say.

I know it doesn't rank up there with the Thunderbirds- I'll keep trying.

Brad says he retired at the top of his game, "what duty could be better than the Thunderbirds."

The Thunderbirds have been favorites around Southern Nevada for as long as they have been based at Nellis - maybe before.

After being "officially activated on May 25, 1953 at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona," they were moved to Nellis AFB in 1956.

Read about Brad Appleby's tenure.

North Thru Nevada
Speaking of display gondolas, (pictured above) we saw many different kinds during our trip to Ely. We stopped along the way, as usual, looking in antique and variety stores. I brought back some things for my Nevada Collection and other things just for fun. We also met a few Boulder City people along the way. Current and former BC people.

You can read all about the escapades in the story I brought back from Ely, which I dangle to tempt you back next month. I am saving Ely and the Ghost Train for the November/December Holiday issue.

I can tell you this: You can look forward to a story about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, a historic hotel, a jail to eat in and little towns along the way.

This month, dive into the Tonopah experience. I mentioned previously, I would give Tonopah another shot. I did. It turned out to be considerably more interesting than I suspected.

Love this North Thru Nevada traveling. It certainly brings back old memories while stirring up new friendships and ideas. Uses up a lot of gas money though. I guess I'll have to figure out how to make more money for travel expenses.

Health & Fitness
I'm going to hit you with a bit of a change this time in the Health and Fitness article on page 14. Not your typical hip-hop and twist or the history I put you through last month, but nonetheless it certainly is a fresh-in-the-mind health subject in our everyday life. I interviewed an expert who knows what he is talking about when it comes to Yucca Mountain. I also took a tour with the Chamber of Commerce to see for myself what was there. I had one thought prior to writing the story. None of us will be around to find out if the problem will ever be solved. I will report and provide an opinion or two - however unprofound my opinion may be.

Spotlight on Business
We're featuring our Yucca Mountain expert in our Spotlight on Business segment. Not a store front walk-in business, but certainly as important to Boulder City as he is to the rest of the State of Nevada and beyond. Don Shettel, Ph.D. provides insight regarding the Yucca Mountain Project. We may think Las Vegas and Clark County is a buffer zone to Nye County, but it isn't. Yucca Mountain is too close for comfort.

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