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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

Digital Photos
Once you get a digital camera and start taking all kinds of photos you will need to save them. I like to save copies of all my pictures on CD. You can save about 700MB of photos on one CD. That is about 700 photos if they are 1MB in size. It only costs about $.25 to make a CD. After you make the CD, be sure to check it for accuracy. You don’t want to lose any valuable photos!
Label your CD with a marker that you have tested on a test CD. Don’t use a ballpoint pen; it will destroy your CD. I use a Sanford Permanent Pen and it works well. Label your CDs with a brief description of the photos: Las Vegas trip 10 Oct 2004 or Mom’s birthday 10 Sept 2004. This will help you find the CD you are looking for later when you have to look through a box full of CDs.

If you would like to learn more about digital photos and how to make them look great, add text, repair old photos, and a lot more, you can sign up for one of the classes I teach here in Boulder City at the Community College. Digital Photos I is currently running. Digital Photos II begins on October 7 and runs 5 weeks. Digital Photos III begins October 11 and runs 10 weeks. All classes will be repeated in the Spring. The facilities are excellent and the price can’t be beat, so call the Community College at 651-4040 to sign up today!

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