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Boulder City - The Magazine® November/December 2004 Issue

Spotlight on Business

Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

What started out being a Spotlight On Business column developed into our cover story for this Holiday issue of Boulder City, The Magazine.

The festive characters were one reason. It seemed fitting for our cover to not only have Santa on the cover, but several other characters whom I'm sure believe Jolly Ole' Saint Nick belongs on the cover too.

Olaf Stanton, owner of Characters Unlimited rolled into Boulder City about 18 years ago, found a hiding place off of Industrial Road, and has been making funny looking people ever since. Olaf is an interesting guy to interview with interesting things to say.

Don't Forget To Recreate
John Petitt is a martial art instructor of merit. The practice of martial arts is even older than I am. I remember when my kids use to kick their way around the house instead of walking.

Check in with John's column and let him bring you up to date how the art provides self discipline, self control and self defense.

"If you've been looking for a way to benefit from conditioning of the mind and spirit read page 11 and visit his school of Chun Kuk Do. Check it out.

North Thru Nevada
The Ghost Train of Old Ely is what attracted us to the northwest area of the state. After having taken a trip on the Grand Canyon Railway (and of course on our own Nevada Southern Railway) we thought it was time (before it turned cold, as Ely does, like right now) to travel North Thru Nevada and investigate the Ghost Train.

We were also able to retrace some steps and catch Alamo, Caliente, and Panaca which we missed on our trip to Rachel last summer.

Several years ago, maybe three or four, I attended a non profit grant writing seminar in which a represenative from Ely. The fact she was attending was not a surprise as everyone there came to learn how to write grants for money - it was her reason that interested me. Ely was depressed and she wanted to help rebuild her town. She must have learned well. Ely is looking good, relitively vital with a developing "Ghost Train" ride.

Don't Forget Your Tech Tip

Art and Advertising Director, Brad Appelby is on board for this column. As usual he will provide up-to-date info about how to solve your problems, teach you how to be the smartest person in your group, and totally snow me.

Health & Fitness
Joyce Kehoe jumps in to take on the Health and Fitness column. Joyce has the answers to What Is Jazzercise? As the instructor of Jazzercise at Dance Etc., Joyce knows from what she speaks.

As I recall, Jazzercise became popular about the time I began running marathons about the end of the 70's. Well, Jazzercise is still going on and I'm still walking so I guess exercise won't kill you. Try her column on page 14 and see how you like it.

Boulder City History
One of my favorite features spotlights Dennis McBride who never disappointments me. This month, however, his story does sadden me as tradegy often does. Turns out the son and daughter of Dennis' subject were in high school at the same time I was. However, I attended LVHS and they went to BCHS. We were aquainted and friends. I wasn't aware of the story at the time.
Dennis writes it well, as usual.

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