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Boulder City - The Magazine® November/December 2004 Issue

Spotlight on Business

Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

What Digital Camera Should I Buy?
It's that time of the year and you might be thinking about buying a digital camera. There are so many different cameras on the market right now. Here's the basics.

Megapixels: The rule I like to use is a 3mp camera will give you a nice 8x10 and a 5mp will give you a nice 11x14. I would not buy a camera below 3mp. Anything above 5mp will just make your pictures larger.

Focus: You will want auto focus as a minimum. Fixed focus does not adjust, so if you like to do custom focus, you will need a manual focus option.

Picture Storage: Some digital cameras only have internal storage. That means once you fill up the camera you have to download the photos to a computer. Most new cameras have removable storage chips. My camera can use 2 different chips at one time. Make sure your camera can use chips, and pick up a couple of extras.

Compression and File Formats: I use the highest JPEG setting for the file format because this helps save space on the chips and still gives a great picture.

Batteries: Digital cameras go through batteries at an alarming rate when the LCD and flash are used. My camera uses (4) AA batteries and I use rechargeable. Some cameras require special batteries so always check the replacement costs.

Video-Output: Most cameras can save a short video clip. Be careful because the cheaper cameras do not record sound.

Zoom: Optical zoom is the best. Digital zoom is the same as cropping a photo in a photo program.

Manual Controls: You will need manual controls if you like to do custom photography and panoramics.

I use the Olympus C-5050 camera. It is a 5mp with manual and auto controls. Good luck and happy shopping. I want to wish you a happy holiday season.

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