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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Matters of Importance
Hoover Dam is our cover story as well as the centerpiece for this issue. A centerpiece in the sense other main articles are related or tied in some way to the Dam.

The Southern Corridor (D), or bypass it appears, will be a new approach to the Dam, while St. Thomas, a historic consequence of the Dam, has reappeared from its watery grave.

Senator Richard Bryan discusses an important subject for the people of Boulder City related to the bypass.

I became acquainted with Richard as early as John S. Park elementary school in Las Vegas, we both grew up in Huntridge. In high school Bryan was one year behind me so I couldn't vote when he ran for Sophomore Class President, but he won anyway. His career continued as Junior Boys Treasurer, then Student Body President as a senior. No, I couldn't help Bryan in high school, but I have supported him in every public office throughout his career - I even threw a lawn party for him in BC when he ran for Attorney General - he won that too.

Senator Bryan begins on the adjacent column allowing extra space for coverage of his topic. A topic which I didn't consider a "Slam Dunk" when all of the route options were being considered. Bryan has given me a broader view of the subject.

The Dam article itself emerges from an interview with Hoover Dam Manager, Gary Bryant. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic personality, Bryant makes one wonder why he isn't helping Michael Eisner get Disney straighten out. See page 12 for what Gary has to say.

Our third article related to the Dam, involves an interesting conversation with Steve Daron, Archeologist for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. He filled me in on a piece of history that literally surfaced a short while ago. Check it out - page 16.

Spotlight on Business features Barth Electronics and founder Jon Barth - scientist, engineer, inventor, and a man of vision with a business that makes it happen.

Barth is a down-to-earth, interesting and practical man whom I understood for at least the first 15 minutes of our conversation.

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