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Health & Fitness
by Cyndi DeBoer

Oh-My aching back!
Back pain ruining your day? According to a local health care provider you can reduce or illuminate back and foot pain with just a few adjustments.

People with large stomachs and pregnant women suffer with back pain due to the extra weight they carry in front. Back pain also occurs in women who have had breast augmentation or are naturally large breasted. This is due to the extra weight in the chest area causing the shoulders to round down. To relieve these types of back pain, maintain a correct posture and/or use a doctor recommended exercise routine targeting the stomach muscles to strengthen the back.

Generally, prior to the age of thirty, jogging is fine, but as we age our feet lose elasticity so walking becomes the wise choice to avoid pain. Wearing high heeled shoes puts an angle on the pelvis and multiplies the shock load on the feet causing foot and back pain. Tennis shoes need to be replaced after about six months of use because the arch supports break down. If you wear expensive boots or shoes, it may be a good idea to add arch supports. Supports will vary in type and cost. One should use a reputable doctor and not a retailer to help you decide.

Some recliners can add to or cause lower back pain. Ample back support is important in all furnishings. When purchasing furniture keep your back in mind. Also, get up and move for at least five minutes for every half-hour seated.

In summary, to decrease back pain exercise to strengthen stomach muscles, be mindful of your posture, change your shoes and arch supports as needed, use adequate back support in all furnishings and get up and move. Also, if you must wear high heels, do so for short periods of time.

After all, wearing high heels isn’t worth the price of pain no matter how cute the shoes are.

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