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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

I begin this column answering a question asked of the editor of LV The Magazine of Las Vegas when I began writing a sports and fitness column for them in 1985.

The question? Who is Everett Chase?

I answered the same question, using the same article which appeared in LV, in the October 21, 1994 issue of the Boulder City Bulletin.

You're lucky. This time it will be different and it will be shorter.

I began my writing career as a Junior with the Las Vegas High School's Desert Breeze newspaper. As a Senior, I was the co sports editor for the Desert Breeze and covered high school sports for the Las Vegas Sun. But it wasn't me who received the Journalism scholarship to the University of Nevada, Reno. No, it someone else who resides in Boulder City.

The quiz for this month: Who is that person?

As for me, I was born in New York with a quest to be a Yankee. Of course, I didn't know it at the time whether I would be a Yankee or not and neither did my dad, but he was willing to help me try. When I was two, maybe three, he put a bat in my hand, placed me on a tree stump and started throwing balls at me. No curves at that age, he didn't want to hurt his arm.

As you know, there is stress in everyone's life, why should I be any different? We are raised with it, aren't we?

Wanting and trying to be a Yankee was stressful, and that's a lot of pressure to put on ones self, and I expect, with Steinbrenner as the owner, it certainly still is.

The best I was able to do traveling the Yankee path, was considerably less than needed. I played in the little leagues and was captain of my high school baseball team and all that stuff, but it was while playing semi-pro ball in Las Vegas that I received my first shot - it was a tryout with the Kansas City Athletics. I was told at that training camp, however, that I was too short (Pee Wee Reese types were out, tall pivot men were in). Next I went to Los Angeles to play with the winter league Dodger Rookies, but I ended up messing around instead of playing ball. First time away from home and all that jazz.

When I returned to Las Vegas from LA to play summer ball, all I was able to muster was a contract offer from the local professional team, the Las Vegas Wranglers. Because they were already into their season, I decided to pass -- I wasn't going to be a Yankee.

I had been active in the Naval Reserve since graduating from high school so my next choice was the Navy. But with only seven college credits I wasn't going to be an officer either.

The Navy was stressful too. I ended up in a sea plane squadron flying around the ocean sending morse code messages telling someone which way the Russian subs were going. I did learn electronics, though, which landed me a job when I returned to Las Vegas. It was with a firm that would exploit my knowledge while providing opportunities to get radiated at the Nevada Test Site.

Along the way (it started in the Navy) I found a wife and together we produced four kids, I dealt with a 25-year stressful career with State Farm Insurance, and I moved to Boulder City (not necessarily in that order).

When the last of the children were gone (my wife left long before that) I embarked on my new life. I completed my college degree in business, began a career as a writer, ran 20 marathons, taught at UNLV, traveled, substituted and coached at Boulder City High School, and started publishing the Boulder City Home Guide for the local real estate community. Somewhere among all that, with my eyes wide open, I started and closed four book stores in Boulder City.

Most recently, I wrapped Boulder City, The Magazine around the Boulder City Home Guide to make this publication. My intention is to not only have a magazine with a real estate section but also a more interesting publication for our readers.

That move was stressful.

I intend to write and have fun. And with continued support from real estate brokers and agents, our faithful advertisers, the addition of Brad Appleby as Art and Advertising Director, our contributing writers and photographers, and knowing full well we have to satisfy our readers and advertisers, I believe we can accomplish our task.

As for the quiz of the month? I will let you guess. I will add however, that this famous attorney (an added hint) certainly made better use of the scholarship than I would have; because he did, it makes it easier for me to accept the loss. No, it's not Bruce Woodbury - same school but several years behind me.

It's not that accepting the loss makes me less competitive. Afterall, I spent more than 20 years of my adult life running every day and preparing for races most every weekend (including the aforementioned marathons).

What I wonder: is it possible he won the scholarship because he cheated on his tests to received better grades? Naw...I guess not.

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