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Boulder City - The Magazine® February, 2004 Issue

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by Kathleen Wood

Coffee Cup Cafe
A very large, side-by-side commercial refrigerator is being pushed down the sidewalk of downtown. As the hulking box approaches a sidewalk café, the patrons at Milo's are asked to “make way” or “watch your toes” please. The patrons are gracious and accommodating.

Several people are walking down that same sidewalk: one carrying a box filled with prized coffee cups, one loaded down with silverware, another with a beat up cooking pot worn like a baseball cap, is carting tablecloths in one hand and several napkin holders in the other.

Carrie and Al Stevens moved the Coffee Cup from its long-time location at the corner of Wyoming and Nevada Way one block north to the previous location of the 50’s diner.

Moving such a short distance brings about strange happenings late at night and in broad daylight as well as some interesting moving arrangements.

“Every night we just walked hands full of stuff up and down the street in front of Milos' place,” said Carrie Stevens. “And Milo and Dave would laugh at us every trip.”

“The last big thing we moved was the big side-by-side double refrigerator. We got it through the door (of the Coffee Cup) and wheeled it down between everyone on the sidewalk. We told the people at Milos if they scooted their chairs back at little bit we could get by.

“All of the booths, chairs, tables, and pictures were taken by hand to the new location.

“We couldn’t have done it without all the help from our family and friends,” said Carrie. “My son Terry, daughter Lindsay and so many friends. All my original staff have also helped tremendously. It’s just been a big family effort from the Coffee Cup crew."

Carrie and Al moved into a building as old as the one they moved from. “We had to do a lot of cleaning," Carrie continues. We took possession on January 2. We were closed the second and the third and during that time all the equipment was moved. We scrubbed and painted the walls. And then we opened up."

“Everyone kept asking us if we were going to open up in the morning at six o’clock. We told them yes we would. And a few people told us ‘you’re not going to make it’. And we said “Yea, we will’ and we opened up on the fourth at 6 am.”

So while the Coffee Cup Cafe" is up and running on a daily basis, the final pieces were being moved from the old location.

“All the equipment in the Coffee Cup is mine,” explained, Carrie. “The building was leased, but all the furniture and equipment is mine because it came with the business when I bought it. So it will all come down here.

"It has taken a lot of work, but it’s been great. We own this piece of property now. That’s why we made the move, so we could own the property instead of lease.

"Including the popular green cushioned bench seats that ran along the north wall of the Coffee Cup. All carried down the street, past the curious customers in front of Milo’s to the new location."

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