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by Cyndi DeBoer

There has to be another option!
“I’ve been going to the same doctor for months and I’m still no better. Now what do I do?”

If this statement seems to fit you or some one you care about, consider the following information obtained from a local health care provider.

If you are going to a Medical Doctor for a specific problem, you need to realize that an M.D. is allowed to treat the whole body. Seek out a physician that is Board Certified in the area of concern. Discuss your problem with others in order to gain a personal reference or call your local medical board. If highly regarded physicians are not on your insurance plan, it still might be less costly financially and physically to go to them anyway. Before beginning any treatment plan it is also very wise to obtain a few opinions.

Explore natural alternatives such as intelligent exercise. It is the key to keeping away most ailments. Don’t just sit around, after a half-hour of sitting move around for at least 5 minutes. Fueling our bodies with a healthy balanced diet will also reduce illness.

Surgery should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be the last option. We try to fool ourselves by calling a surgery, “a procedure”, as if that minimizes the situation. “My friend Martha is going in for an outpatient procedure and then she’ll be as good as new!” The truth is that Martha’s body is undergoing a very invasive treatment and we are never as good as new after a surgery. We hopefully will be better off than before but it is still a treatment that should be considered very carefully.

We are all individuals and as such, not everything works for every one. Having a health problem can be emotionally draining and it is imperative to logically explore all of your treatment options before making a decision that’s right for you.

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