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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Speaking of Boulder Creek
Sometimes keeping one's mouth shut and watching what happens is the best way to handle something when one has absolutely no control over the outcome.

Others take a more verbal approach. America lets us choose.

I kept my mouth shut, but I can't say that I agreed with borrowing money to build the golf course, although that's how I buy my cars. I can't say either, there is not enough people playing golf because there are as many golfers as runners - 25 million the last I heard. Quoting Bob Conrad's research on page 13, "One out of every 10 persons moving into an area play golf."

One out of ten people moving to Boulder City is not going to help much, but that's not what he is looking for in the first place. Like the Chamber of Commerce and every business in town, as well as every organization, we look to our visitors to support us. How about Art in the Park for just one example?

I still have a choice. A couple of Bobs provided food for thought (page 12 & 13) while being interviewed about the golf course and the lots around the newest one. When it comes up for a vote, my vote will be, do it and pay off the debt. It's that simple.

North Thru Nevada
North Thru Nevada last month turned out to be more than I expected in terms of content for my article. So this month we will continue down that same road.

Certainly in my reading, many of the books related to aliens and extraterrestrials also deal with the Nevada Test Site and its Groom Lake, or Area 51 location.

I found also, in checking the index of general books about Nevada, there are many listings which include the above locations. Locations which, I have read, are fictitious or are not there.

I guess we call it Nevada History.

In my article North Thru Nevada, experiencing Rachel, Nevada continues with informative and interesting space occupant, Pat Travis, owner and operator of the Little A'Le'Inn. Certainly, the distance between Rachel and Boulder City on a space scale is not very far; therefore, it's not surprising Travis would meet up with successtrials, Margaret and Bob Kolar who have their own way of dealing with aliens.

We introduce the Kolars to our cast of characters, including the owner of the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel.

Waiting For Rambo
I received an email (along with everyone else in the Chamber of Commerce, I expect) from our Chamber Director, Jill Lagan. It was about a young lady who was running through town, literally, in support of Candlelighters, a non-profit children's cancer program - she was putting in about 720 miles across Nevada.

Normally I wouldn't jump in the van and drive up town to follow some nut who wants to run down the highway in 110 degree weather. But, as it happens, I knew her. (Susan) Ernie Rambo started running with the Las Vegas Track Club four to five years before I started my slide out of the Track Club after about 20 years and tens of thousands of miles of training and racing.

When people would ask me why I ran, my answer was always related to me - how I felt and what benefit I received.

Rambo's better than me. No I don't mean faster (well she is now, that's for sure) or that macho kind of thing, I mean she helps other people. It's not about Ernie, its about what she does and how she uses her talent to benefit others. In this case, the Candlelighters organization who help children with cancer. I applaud her and I'm glad I went out in the hot summer sun to see her. Good luck Ernie.

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