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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

Internet Security and Protecting Your Computer
Are you concerned about the security of Internet Explorer and Outlook? There have been a lot of security problems with both of these programs. If you use either of these programs, make sure you keep them updated, including your windows program. There are other programs available to replace Internet Explorer and Outlook. I have been using Mozilla ThunderBird and Firefox to help prevent security issues on my computer.
Firefox is an Internet browser with tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, cookie manager and download manager. Thunderbird is an e-mail program that makes e-mailing safer and faster, with intelligent spam filters. You can download and use either of these programs for FREE at

Just last week a friend of mine got a Trojan virus on his computer. The system was a complete loss. The virus deleted every program it could find and then prevented him from using the internet. We had to format the hard drive and re-install windows and all of the other programs he was using.

Steps to protect your computer and what I use.

1. Anti-virus
2. Firewall
3. Anti-spam e-mail program
4. Spy-ware software
5. Update your programs
6. Back up your files
Norton Anti-virus
Norton Firewall
Norton Anti-span
Ad-Aware 6
Use live updates
Daily on CD

The Anti-virus program can prevent a virus from getting onto your system. The Firewall can stop hackers from breaking into your system. Anti-spam can help you delete a lot of the unwanted e-mail you get daily. Spy-ware can help you clean out little tracking programs and spy-ware from your system. Keeping your programs updated can increase your protection. Norton products have live updates. And always back up your files, but make sure your files are virus free before you back them up or you could be backing up the virus.

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