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The Book Guy and Appleby Arts

The Book Guy

Who said, everything I ever learned, I learned from a book? I can't find that quotation in my Oxford Book of Quotations, but it's probably there. It's likely my interpretation is wrong.

My point is, one probably could learn almost everything they need or want to learn from a book. Why don't we?

For the computer generation (a flexible range these days) it's obvious. Everything we need to learn can be found in a database somewhere on the Web. I would not argue this point with someone who is disagreeable, because what we read and what we learn is akin to beauty - we learn what we want to learn, we read what we want to read.

I agree, a computer provides a mountain of information. I use it for the content it provides, but I can't sit with it in my favorite chair, if my favorite chair is not in front of it, or lay on the couch if the computer is not in the living room and finally, I can't take it in the bathroom. (For you Seinfeld watchers, I never take a book back anyway).

I am not an avid whole book reader, nor an avid fiction reader. Where my fiction book completions, number in the mere dozens, there are many people who read literally hundreds of books, and I am sure those who have read in the thousands (depending upon their age).

Without having read research reports, on the computer or in a book, I would venture to say few fiction readers would sit in front of the computer reading the "Great American Novel." But I do agree, the best place for research is through your computer to www.

With all that said, I will have my web site developed shortly. You may search several thousand books located right here in BC. The business name will still be First Edition the phone number will remain 293-4916 and the web site address will remain if I stay lucky.

When it's possible I still order books for people and lately, it has been possible. I thank you for your business.

Appleby Arts

Appleby Arts is a full service Boulder City marketing firm established in 1999. It is owned and operated by Brad and DeAnne Appleby, local residents who have years of experience in the marketing field. Appleby Arts specializes in educating and assisting individuals and businesses in developing better promotional strategies.

Appleby Arts does multimedia programming, creating standard products such as Ability Testing, Company Orientation, Suggestion Program and Company Survey. They also do custom multimedia programming, creating programs such as demonstration and promotional CDs.

Appleby Arts offers a variety of graphic design services, such as logo design, and customized company literature such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards and catalogs. They also offer quality photo restoration services to restore, repair and preserve photographs.

Appleby Arts’ Boulder City Internet Services include web site hosting, web site design, web site maintenance, web site consultation, web site optimization, domain name registration, and copy writing and editing.

In the past five years, Appleby Arts has established itself as an honest, hard-working marketing firm that provides full satisfaction to its clients. Some of the awards attained by Appleby Arts over the years include a 2001 Nomination for the important Boulder City Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award, a 2001 Nomination for the prestigious Boulder City Chamber of Commerce Eva McGarvey Memorial Award, and winner of the 2002 Boulder City Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award.

Appleby Arts regularly participates in the Chamber of Commerce Business Fair, Boulder City Spring Jamboree Chamber Showcase, Boulder City Damboree Parade and the Community Club’s Doodlebug Bazaar. Stop by and see them at the next Boulder City event.

Appleby Arts regularly offers discount services to several local organizations, including Art in the Park, Boulder City Hospital, Boulder City Library, Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, Spring Jamboree, Boulder City Rotary Club, Boulder City Folk Festival, Bookin’ Bikers, the Boulder Dam Hotel, the Boulder City Arts’ Council, Spread the Word Nevada and Kids to Kids.

You can contact Appleby Arts at 702-294-1392 or visit their website at:

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