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The Arts
by Patty Sullivan,
Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator

The Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department Art Betters Community is proud to announce the creation of theHemenway Vista Wall Mural.
What happens in Boulder City when 20+ people volunteer 1,000+ hours of talent combined with 2,000 pounds of clay?

Located on the corner of Birch and Nevada Way in Sundial Park, the Hemenway Vista Wall Mural is comprised of over 600 individually hand sculpted, astoundingly beautiful tiles, enhanced with amazing color and detail. Hemenway Valley is one of the most majestic views in all of Nevada. What we see in the mural is the pristine conditions one might have viewed shortly after Lake Mead was filled.

The mural is a landscape scene from the viewpoint of the south end of Hemenway Valley sloping to Lake Mead. Natural vegetation and wildlife are integrated into the landscape. The clay portion of the mural is 5’6" tall and 22’6" wide. Sculpting styles include the foreground which is textured for a rock effect, Lake Mead water tiles smoothed with additional carvings for a ripple effect, a sky carved in the style of Van Gogh, mountains highlighted in vibrant sunrise colors and mounted to pick up the details of the ranges and a variety of animals with the most majestic being the Desert Bighorn Sheep near a yucca tree. Eight different clays were used to get the desired effect along with stains and glazes. The project was produced in the Art Center at 801 Adams Blvd. Community Park.

This project was brought to Boulder City through the City of Boulder City’s Parks and Recreation Department in response to the City’s Strategic Plan to expand programs focused on the arts. Patty Sullivan, the Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator, and Boulder City Art Guild members spent long volunteer hours in bringing the mural to fruition, along with Robin Kariam, Art Center Coordinator.

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