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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

My Tribute to Bill Harbour
When Ihla Crowley invited me to attend the Memorial Ceremony for Bill Harbour, former and long time editor for the Boulder City News, I told her it was something I seldom do. I get "choked up" these days.

Bill's the guy I credit my start in magazine writing. I had written a few articles for newspapers in the past, receiving my introduction way back when I was a sports writer & co- sports editor for the Las Vegas High School newspaper, Desert Breeze, and with the Las Vegas Sun, writing high school sports. Bill gave me a restart and introduced me to the grind of every week column writing. The column's name was Running Around Boulder City.

It was several months later I had the opportunity to write an article for Las Vegan, The City Magazine. I received an acceptance of my first running and fitness article.

When the editor started his own publication, LV, The Magazine of Las Vegas, I became the fitness editor and wrote a column for the next three years.

It was during my time with LV that I began writing about the Las Vegas Marathon and later became the Public Relations Director.

I continued to write for many of the major running and fitness magazines, including Runner's World, Running Times, and Runner. Thanks Bill, thanks Ihla.

Introducing Articles In This Issue
"The Magazine" is growing. We have added more arcticles and advertisements - eight more pages in this issue - a total of 40 - plus the glossy cover. We hope you will enjoy the additional copy as well as the continuing favorites.

Of course please take note of our advertisers. They are the backbone of The Magazine. Stop by their businesses and help us say thank you.

Also, our Real Estate section should not be missed. Still under the name of the Boulder City Home Guide, our real estate section includes all of the offices in Boulder City plus many individual agents.

Find the home of your dreams and make a down payment.

Cover Story
Boulder City Chamber of Commerce
Spring Jamboree
I was here when it started, so I should know what it's all about, shouldn't I? I am talking about the Chamber of Commerce Spring Jamboree we are featuring this month.

The Spring Jamboree has passed the quarter century mark. The fun and activities it provides is best explained in pictures - thanks to our Art Director there is a plethora of photos to invite you to come join the party.

I've kept the words to a minimum, but find what you need on the Spring Jam schedule.

SkyDive Las Vegas
No chickens here - Just Eagles

Do you believe it? The guy jumped out of the damn plane!

I went to the airport to do an interview for Spotlight on Business and took our Art Director, Brad Appleby, along to take the pictures. What does he do? He accepts the offer to take a jump.

"Me? Not likely. I was in a flight crew in the Navy, but I always figured I'd go down with the plane.

Read Spotlight on Business, and read Brad's story about his jump next month. Try it you may like it.

Try the Tunnel Walk
No, it's not a dance. It's an enjoyable exercise - its called walking.

Walking through the old railroad tunnel may not be new, but if you haven't walked it recently, you will find something more than the Railroad Tunnel Trail

Atomic Testing Museum
A chat with Bill Johnson and a tour with Maggie Smith brings to light much of what will be happening during the next several months at the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation's Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

This Editor's personal experiences on the roof tops of Las Vegas watching the mushroom clouds in the sky in the 1950's, plus test site experiences in the 60's, made Smith's tour about what's to come at the new museum very exciting.

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