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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

Wireless technology is the use of a hardware device without the use of wires. Your satellite television, satellite radio, and cordless and cellular telephones use wireless technology. The newest craze is wireless computer hardware such as laptops, mice and keyboards. These devices are great because with no wires in the way, you can move them around pretty freely. They work just like your car radio. A transmitter sends a signal to the receiver through air waves. If you had your wireless computer hooked up to your 72” big screen TV, you could sit back on the couch and surf the internet from across the room with no wires in the way.

A wireless network allows your computer to connect to a network of other computers, the internet, printers or other peripheral devices without using wires. You can wander around your home or the office and do your work, then press print and the printer in the next room can print out your file. The City of Boulder City uses a wireless network. This gives members of departments such as Public Works and Community Development the freedom to drive around town and still be connected to the City’s network and the internet.

Some other wireless products include Palm Pilots and digital cameras. With a wireless digital camera, you can take pictures and send them directly to your computer without hooking up any wires. You can also send photos to other wireless digital cameras without hooking them together. Wireless video cameras and web cameras are also being used due to their inexpensive cost.

A word of warning! With so many wireless devices sending so much information all the time, keep in mind that if you are using a wireless device, you are sending your information out and you don’t know for sure who might be receiving it. If you want to find out more about who could be receiving your information, look up Warspying and Wardriving on the internet. Always remember that there are people who actually like to eavesdrop on your wireless devices as a hobby.

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