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Day Trip'n
by Ginny Gottfredson, Sales Manager
Lake Mead Cruises

Wings and Stars
Early Birds take note! Henderson’s Bird Viewing Preserve is open 6 a.m. to noon, and although the HEAT is on, lots of birds hang out there in summer. Watch for American avocets, beautiful soft rust colored head and chest with slightly scooped slender black bill, black and white wings, perched on long bird legs. Other sightings might include the graceful black-necked stilt, ducks, crissal thrasher with longish down turned bill, and the quirky native roadrunner – bee beep!

When you call for details, ask about the Bird Mobile at 267-4180, or visit East of the Boulder Highway on East Sunset Road, turn left onto Moser Drive, and to get a jump on Christmas Shopping visit their gift shop.

A Cool place to go this month is CSN’s Planetarium. For $6 Friday and Saturday evenings you’ll see Extreme Planets, and get the lowdown on Black Holes from which nothing escapes. Late afternoon “The Little Star That Could,” an animated Little Star searches for his identity! After evening movies, hang out for Stargazing. Information: 651-4138 or, 3200 E. Cheyenne on the North Las Vegas campus of CSN.

NEAT NEVADA NOTES: A guy named Charles Fuller built a toll bridge over the Truckee River about 1859; two years later he sold it to Myron C. Lake who called it Lake’s Crossing. Wow, some things were easier back when! Mr. Lake is considered the founder of Reno; he exchanged land for a train depot built by the Central Pacific RR to bring the rail through Lake’s Crossing and stimulate growth. Reno was officially named for Civil War Union Officer Jesse Lee Reno in 1868, and dubbed “The Biggest Little City In The World” in 1929 by a contest winner from Sacramento. The original arch bearing the slogan was built over Virginia Street in 1926 for the 1927 Transcontinental Highways Expo. Reno is the Washoe County seat, largest city in Northern Nevada, within an hour’s drive of 18 ski resorts and boasts four real seasons unlike Southern Nevada with only two, summer and an all too brief winter!

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