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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Low Cost Phone Calls

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MagicJack is a small USB device you plug into your computer. This device allows you to plug any telephone that has a phone jack into it to make phone calls from your computer. MagicJack costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. This price gives you one year of long distance calling within the United States and Canada. You can purchase an additional year's service for $19.95. This will give you long distance phone calls for $4.17 per month the first year including the cost of the device, and $1.67 per month for every year thereafter. All calls to United States and Canadian telephone numbers are free, except for 900 numbers. International calling to countries other than Canada is available by purchasing international pre-paid minutes.

This is a simple way to make long distance telephone calls. You plug the device into your computer and fill out the requested information as prompted. Next, you plug in your telephone and start making phone calls! This device does require a fast internet speed to work well so don’t get it if you have dial-up internet service. A minimum bandwidth speed of 128 kb/s is suggested.

MagicJack will assign you a phone number, and you get to choose the area. So if you live in Boulder City, Nevada and your family lives in Orlando, Florida, you can pick a local Orlando, Florida phone number so that your family can call you for free too! The computer has to be on to receive and make calls. MagicJack is currently offering a 30 day free trial at www.magic, and the product should be available at local stores soon. This is one of the easiest systems to use.

There are other long distance calling services that require a microphone and speakers to work with your computer. Skype offers free calls to Skype users, and for about $3 per month you can get unlimited long distance calling at To find out about more long distance calling services, search and enter “VOIP calls” (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
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