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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Working Toward A Brighter Future For Nevadans
The outcome of the recent election proves Nevadans are ready for change. The Democratic wave felt on Election Day began building in strength during our new early caucus in January, an event I’m proud to have led the drive to secure. 

Democrats registered in droves, adding tens of thousands of new voters since the end of last year.  High early voting turnout and the record number of voters on Election Day serve as testament that Nevadans helped change the electoral map as we know it.

We face many challenges as a country, but they are tempered by optimism and hope for our future.  I intend to work with President-elect Barack Obama and Congress to put Nevada back on track by stimulating our economy, making Nevada a net exporter of renewable energy, and winning Nevada’s fight against Yucca Mountain. 
I plan for our strengthened majority in Congress to address America’s energy crisis by developing clean energy and improving efficiency right here in Nevada.  By doing so, we will create dual solutions of job creation and decreased dependence on foreign oil.
Our state’s future is bright, but today, foreclosures in Nevada are the highest in the country and unemployment is at a 23-year high.  Although we continue to face challenges, the people of Nevada can be assured I will push for more help for families to stay in their homes. The housing bill passed last summer included more than $70 million to help battle the foreclosure crisis in our state, but even that is just a first step. We need more help for Nevada families to keep their homes, and it is a top priority of mine in the upcoming session.

 Yucca Mountain is a failed idea that I believe will meet its final demise under President-elect Obama. It is doomed by the flawed project’s myriad safety issues - not the least of which is transporting the deadliest substances known to man through our cities and towns - and I will continue leading our Nevada congressional delegation in slashing Yucca funding and working with our new president to stop it dead. 

Keeping Nevada safe and providing relief to struggling Nevada families remain my priorities, and I will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to help the people of Nevada get the changes they demanded in this election. 

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