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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

New Year's Resolutions
I’ve been trying to find out where the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution came from. I haven’t found an actual traditional history of the idea, but I have found several sources that discuss the theory of “starting life anew by making new goals for yourself.” And to link that idea with the beginning of a New Year is a natural connection.

However the tradition began, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and it is the time of year when people start thinking about making New Year’s Resolutions. December is a good time to get a jump-start on all of that, particularly if you are still trying to decide what, if any, resolutions you may want to make. Some of the most regularly made resolutions include weight loss, exercise and getting more organized.

If you are ready to start losing some weight, the Library has a lot of books about a lot of different kinds of diets. Those books can be found in the 613 section of the non-fiction stacks. We also have cookbooks designed to help people meet their weight-loss goals. A title that sounds as though it may have been written just for me is The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook.

The Library also has a lot of books about exercising. If you are interested in walking, running, Pilates, aerobics, jumping rope, bicycling and other ways to burn off calories, stop in at the Library to see what we may have for you. By the way, according to a couple of online “calorie burning charts” you can burn about 72 calories for every 30 minutes of reading.

As a librarian, I’m all for the idea of helping people get organized. How To Get Organized When You Don’t Have The Time, or Stephanie Winston’s Best Organizing Tips may be just what you are looking for. If you want to learn more about organizing your time or organizing your stuff, the Library has books for you!

When you are ready to make those New Year’s Resolutions, stop by the library. We have books and possibly even DVDs or CDs to help you achieve those resolutions!

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