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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Lovin' Your Liver
The liver is a complex multifunction organ that is a storehouse of energy much like a battery, storing iron reserves, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, glucose and fat. The liver produces bile to help digest food.

It manufactures proteins that your body needs to stay healthy. It helps defend against germs in your body. It manufactures cholesterol that your body needs to function. It secretes sugar, to be used as energy, when you are under real or imagined stress.

The liver acts like a processing plant. It filters everything you eat, cleaning up toxins and chemicals before they get routed into the circulatory system. You can assist your liver by eliminating or reducing high fat and high sugar foods, processed foods that are loaded with preservatives, and chemically altered foods. Fatty foods contribute to fatty liver disease, creating a sluggish liver that is overworked. Regular exercise can help reduce a fatty liver. Alcohol and many prescription, over the counter, and illegal drugs are extremely hard on the liver. They can contribute to cell damage and cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver. You can assist your liver by limiting these things as much as possible. Don’t reach for acetaminophen every time you get a little headache. Don’t combine medications without checking with your regular doctor first.

Your liver filters poisons that you may breathe in the air. Limit exposure to aerosol sprays, including hair spray and bug spray. Your liver filters chemicals you put on your skin, so read labels on lotions and skin care products. Opt for organic essential oils instead of perfumes.
To help your liver function optimally, eat a diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits. Be sure to wash veggies and fruits well, and remove any peel before eating non-organics. Focus on fresh, unprocessed foods. Always drink lots of clean water.

As we move into the season of celebration, be sure to celebrate your good health. Enjoy holiday food and drink in moderation, but keep your diet healthy overall and maintain your exercise program. You’re worth it.

Pati Kearns teaches Yoga and meditation at Dance Etc. Call 279-9523 for more information.

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