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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

First Night
® Boulder City

First Night® Boulder City is almost here again! The Board of Directors has been busy planning this year’s event since mid summer. From the input we received last year we have reduced the venues to two.

An adult venue at the Senior Center with lots of music and entertainment and good food.

For the kids we will have lots of fun things to do at the Recreation Center, like bounce houses, etc.

We hope this will make it more convenient and you won’t have to walk in the dark and maybe wet night to find other venues.

The hours have been extended because you asked for more. We will begin at 5 p.m. and close up at 10 p.m. This is two more hours of fun and entertainment and still gives us time to get home and bring in the new year on TV or drive over the hill to mingle with the wild bunch over there (if you dare!).

First Night® is an international celebration of the arts on New Year’s Eve. Although technically the last night of the year, we feel it is the first celebration of the New Year, not the old year, thus FIRST NIGHT is proper.

The function is alcohol free and family oriented. Kids are welcome and special fun things are planned for kids of all ages.

Buttons and wrist bands are still $5 and available at the Chamber of Commerce. More information is also available from the Chamber. You can reach them at (702) 293-2034 or visit their web site at

As First Night® grows, so will the entertainment (button sales are our only income so we rely on grants and contributions).

We hope to see at least some growth every year, but it is up to YOU.

SUPPORT is what will build FIRST NIGHT®. We need YOU and YOUR FAMILY to attend this function on New Year’s Eve.


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