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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Until recently, packing efficiently for a trip was a problem. As hard as I tried to be organized, when I got to my destination, I’d have to paw through my suitcase to find something, and the entire contents would end up a jumbled mess. If I was going to two different places, each calling for a different wardrobe, it was difficult to keep the items separated, and I’d find myself constantly rearranging and repacking. Sound familiar?

Well, folks, I think I’ve found the answer: Cubes – zippered nylon ‘pouches’ with mesh lids. These little square or rectangular receptacles are the best find I’ve made in years. They come in all sizes, and are very versatile. You can get them from Magellan’s ( - they call them Pack-It® Cubes) and Travel Smith, or most luggage stores.

Cubes have been around awhile. I saw a Rick Steve’s travelogue about a year ago in which he recommended them, but I never took the concept to heart until recently. For my trip to Greece in August, I tried out a couple of Cubes – primarily to segregate my socks and underwear from the rest of the clothes. Nice, I thought. So for the Tuscany tour I hosted in October I bought a couple more Cubes, which made it possible to put everything in them – dark socks on one side of a double-sided Cube, light socks on the other side, underwear in another, two pair of pants and some tops in a large one, somewhat fancier items in another, toiletries and jewelry in a waterproof Cube, and so on. You’d be surprised how much you can stuff into one of these things.

The best thing was putting everything needed for the extension to Cinque Terre, a tourist region on the coast of Italy which called for a somewhat different wardrobe, in a separate Cube altogether.

Now, when I go somewhere, my entire suitcase is full of these Cubes, and I’ve never felt so organized in my life. Plus, I know I get more in there than I ever could before.

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