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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Holding On To Our Veterans' History

Boulder City is privileged to be home to a large Veterans population. My father, who was a long time resident of the community, was a World War II vet. These heroes represent an exceptional resource of living history.

Every day we, as a nation, lose 1,600 veterans. When those individuals pass away, many of their unique stories and perspectives on historical events are lost forever. I am proud to announce that in early November a resolution I authored passed the House of Representatives designating “National Veterans History Project Week.” This special observance will help to mobilize the residents of Boulder City to document the oral history of our wartime combat veterans. 

The goal is to honor veterans and ensure that their stories are available for future generations. We owe every freedom we have to the service and sacrifice of America’s veterans.  Their experience teaches us about the power of the human spirit and the realities of war. It is important that we ensure that their history is honored and preserved. It was their actions that helped shape who we are as a nation.

My resolution calls upon everyone to interview their family members, neighbors and friends, following guidelines provided by The Veterans History Project, a division of the Library of Congress. The resolution encourages local, state, and national organizations along with federal, state, and local governmental institutions to document, preserve, and honor the service of American wartime veterans.

I have been active in the project for over a year now and my office has documented 23 individual histories. We are here to help provide the tools for you to work with someone you know to ensure their stories are capsulated for future generations. After the story is documented, the Library of Congress compiles the information into a database where it can be accessed so everyone can witness an individual soldier’s story.

Boulder City values these important residents and we cannot take their histories for granted. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages to come together and experience what those around us have to offer. 

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