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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

Crime Prevention
John Ashcroft, United States Attorney General said, “There is no priority higher than prevention.” Crime is, unfortunately, a common occurrence – we see it reported daily in the papers, the television and throughout the internet.

While we embark upon this holiday season, I want to pass along a few common prevention tactics as we spend a few moments reflecting about Mr. Ashcroft’s comments. Is the prevention of crime a priority in your life?

We have recently had a number of people request neighborhood watch meetings. Unfortunately, this was after they had been victimized. Boulder City is a great town to live and raise your families. Gone are the days of being able to safely leave your house, car or garage unlocked and unsecured. We have predators that comb the streets at night looking for easy targets – targets of opportunity. Perhaps they are looking for those of us that have not made prevention a priority; those of us that leave our vehicles unlocked with a nice car stereo.

The holiday season, which has the potential of bringing out the best in all of us, all too often brings out the worst in some. Crashes involving drug or alcohol impaired drivers always peak during the holiday season – all the more reason to be alert, awake, and drive defensively; you never know when that intoxicated or tired driver may cross into your path. Be prepared to act.

Larcenies also see a rise during the holiday season. Those of us that think we are being covert in hiding our gifts in the car, often leaving it unlocked, are a dream come true to the would-be criminal. Crime does not only occur at home – be vigilant towards the prevention of crime when shopping. Oftentimes criminals will be on the prowl in parking lots of shopping centers waiting for that all too predictable trip to the car between stores. Once you leave, their shopping spree begins, at your expense.

The time to be vigilant about crime prevention is upon us. Be alert as it relates to your surroundings and have a blessed holiday season.

Until next month, stay safe.

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