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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Roof Maintenance
Your roof should be a part of the regular maintenance of your home. The roof and its components may need your attention from time to time. If left unattended, a small roof issue may turn into a big problem in the future. A leak will need to penetrate the sheeting, insulation and then the ceiling drywall before you realize you even have a problem. Then, if the roof leaks for weeks or even months, you may end up with a mold issue which could be quite expensive.

Composition shingle roofs should be inspected at least twice a year and after each major storm. The flaps on the shingles tend to catch the wind and may damage them or even blow them off the roof surface. The roof penetrations, such as skylights, plumbing or attic vents, should be looked at closely. If tar is used to seal these penetrations, they may require your regular attention. The heat and sun tend to dry these areas out, causing them to crack. If you regularly inspect your roof by walking on it, be sure to do the inspection in the early morning, after the roof has had the night to cool. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the surface of the shingles by walking on them.

Tile roofs should not be walked on since they can crack or break if not done correctly. You should inspect them from the ground with binoculars or from the side of the roof with a ladder. Over time, the tile may slip out of place since every row is not nailed down during installation. This exposes the waterproof membrane to the sunlight, which will eventually deteriorate it. Cracked tiles may not be a serious concern but should be monitored to ensure that they do not separate. If you have tar sealing the roof penetrations, then you will probably need to have a roofing contractor service the roof every few years.

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