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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Vacation Time
There’s a huge difference between taking a vacation and having an adventure. Most people plan a summer vacation without realizing that they are actually planning an adventure. Although going on an adventure is a wonderful way to see the world and all of its diverse people and geography and can be great fun, it usually requires a large amount of effort.

People commonly say, “I need to go back to work after this vacation so I can get some rest”! They definitely went on an adventure, not a vacation.

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, vacation means “1. freedom from any activity; rest; respite 2. a period of rest and freedom from work or study”.

Take some time this summer to rest. You might travel somewhere and then have no plans beyond walking on a secluded beach or relaxing in the mountains. Taking time to replenish is important for our overall well-being. Nature is so restorative. It can balance our energy and give us all new inspiration. When we’re in nature our breathing calms down, our minds clear, and we can see things from a fresh perspective. If travel to the great outdoors is not possible for you, try vacationing at home - not by renovating the kitchen or going on a cleaning spree, but by simply enjoying your surroundings. Wake up without an alarm clock, when your body feels rested and ready to greet the day. Breathe deeply. Go slower. Enjoy cooking without feeling rushed. Take a bath instead of a shower. Take some time to treat yourself and your family really well.

If you don’t have time off, take a technology vacation. No, I don’t mean a field trip to the local electronics store, I mean take a vacation from your telephone, cell phone, voice mail, e-mail and computer, TV and even the radio (okay, I meant to say your iPod). Turn them off for a day. It will amaze you that the world will still turn, and what will amaze you even more, is how much time you actually have to enjoy your life.

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