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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator

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As we approach the holiday season, I’d like to bring to light the many relationships that are developed between Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department staff, volunteers and patrons. These relationships form an immense network of extended family and provide positive influences for our youth. The more positive influences a young person has in their life, the more likely it is they will succeed. By involving young people in recreation programs, you are providing a network of caring adults to influence your children and strengthen their sense of community.

Examples of this can be seen in all of our programs. I’d like to share just a few with you today. The Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department offers three styles of martial arts: Aikido taught by James Goggin, Jujitsu taught by Mike Maynard and Chunk Kuk Do Katate taught by John Petitt. All of these programs teach discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect and they promote lifelong learning. Next, we have our gymnastics program with approximately one-hundred children taking lessons with instructors Brandi Carstensen and Missy Mojica. In addition to regular classes, students are invited to optional recreation meets in Henderson where they share their love for gymnastics with a larger recreation family. Children who participate win ribbons in every event and “compete” to achieve the highest ranked ribbon, thus learning a lesson in achieving their personal best.

The holiday season is a time for thanks and the Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department thanks you for sharing your children with us and building a strong sense of community in our youth. I can’t think of a better gift than for all our children to reach their full potential by giving their personal best. We at the Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department are proud to play a role in the development of so many young people and appreciate the parents for trusting their children with us.

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For more information about Boulder City Parks and Recreation offerings, visit our office at 900 Arizona Street or call us at 293-9256.

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